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Perth property market begins its recovery in December quarter

February 6, 2018

Source: REIWA

The Perth property market ended 2017 on a positive note, with December quarter data showing improvements in median prices, sales activity, listing levels and average selling days.

REIWA President Hayden Groves said it boded well for Perth that all key indicators had improved over the quarter.

“The Perth market found its floor and stabilised in the…

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What are minimum rental standards and what do they mean for landlords and tenants?

Source: The Real Estate Conversation (John Gilmovich)

New guidelines about standards for rental properties will remove ‘slum’ landlords from the market.

For residential property investors and landlords who want to maintain the value of their assets, keeping things in good order as far as the condition of their property is concerned is usually a priority.

There is current discussion from tenancy stakeholders of minimum standards legislation by which governments…

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Perth property market tipped to ride steady for 2018


Hope is on the horizon for Perth’s property market in 2018 with early signs of recovery emerging, according to local experts.

Just weeks into the New Year, agents are reporting an increased demand for rental properties and a boost in buyer confidence.

Property analyst and commentator Gavin Hegney said 2017 began in the doldrums but finished with the prospect of 2018 being better.

“So hence…

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WA jobs boost predicted to help property in 2018

January 24, 2018

Source:  Sasha Karen

With recent data from the Australian Bureau Statistics pointing to a rise of 50,000 new jobs, Perth’s property outlook for the year ahead appears to be positive.

The ABS figures, which shows the unemployment rate declined by 0.9 per cent down to 5.7 per cent in December, is paving the way for property success, according to Shane Kempton, chief operations officer at Professionals Real Estate Group in…

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Perth’s apartment phobia: Why people of the west prefer sprawl over high-density living

January 16, 2018

16th January 2018

Source: ABC Radio By Emma Wynne

The Perth suburban sprawl. It stretches 150 kilometres along the coastline and has a footprint twice the size of Tokyo — but with only a fraction of its population.

Data reveals that’s because the people of Perth are incredibly resistant to the idea of living in apartments.

The latest census reported “Perth residents overwhelmingly prefer to own their…

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Skilled shortage, Western Australia 2018

January 12, 2018

12th January, 2018

Source: John Morley, LinkedIn

Talking with employers in the resources sector over the past few months a common trend has emerged and that is EMPLOYMENT.

Australia is well on the way to a revival in exports and an income boost for iron ore, coking coal, thermal coal and LNG with demand and prices for these commodities beyond expectations. Gold, lithium and other commodities are…

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CNN Travel says Perth is one of its top destinations to visit this year

January 8, 2018

Source: Josh Zimmerman

Forget Manhattan or the Maldives – Perth is being trumpeted as the global travel destination of choice in 2018.

Dubbed Australia’s “Capital of Cool” by American travel writer Chris Dwyer in December, Perth is vaulting into must-visit lists from around the world.

From March, direct flights from London will make reaching WA easier than ever, a major drawcard for travellers keen…

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Perth property market predicted to see a positive 2018

January 3, 2018

Source: Sasha Karen – Smart Property Investment

According to an expert, a fall in properties listed for sale is indicative of a recovering market, creating a favourable outlook for the capital city.

Shane Kempton, CEO of Professionals Real Estate Group, has said that Perth’s recovery has been highlighted by a fall of 14.3 per cent of listed properties for sale over the last year to October 2017.


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The New Mining Boom – 2018

December 19, 2017

Source: BIX Oxford Economics

Australian mining industry poised for stronger growth in 2018 and beyond –without Adani Coal

Positive outlook for exploration, investment, production and maintenance across most commodities Global and domestic risks to the outlook Mining maintenance activity to rise 60 per cent over next five years

Activity in Australia’s mining sector is set to accelerate through 2017/18, auguring well for exports and the broader economy, according to a…

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Why the state of your wallet matters

December 15, 2017

Source: The Real Estate Conversation – Steve Waters

When it comes to cash flow, it’s not about the rent that you’re earning from your portfolio.

Successful property investment requires an understanding of your individual cash flow position needs as well as your ability to manage your cash flow over the decades.

In my experience, people tend to start looking for properties that will represent what their understanding of cash flow…

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