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Perth People Warm To Apartment Living

There has been a long held belief that Perth homebuyers and investors have been resistant in transitioning to apartment living, but a survey by the WA Apartment Advocacy (WAAA) group suggests there has been a quantum shift in this opinion.

The poll was conducted at the 2016 Royal Show and was the first of its kind in WA.  The respondents reflecting a cross section of the community including participants from regional and metro areas and a broad spectrum of ages and genders.

“Of the 300 people surveyed only 12% of these were apartment owners, however over 93% were in favour of apartment living.  The poll demonstrated that the majority of people believe apartments play a role within Perth and WA.” said Samantha Recce Managing Director of WAAA.

The general consensus of the survey was that although people were now in favour of apartment living, apartment designs need to cater for a wider spectrum of buyers including families and not just the downsizer and investor market.

“For so long now, we have seen apartments released for sale which only meet a small portion of the market (young couples and downsizers) but the growing appetite for apartments is now being driven by families as well,” Ms Reece said.

Providing amenity plays a big role in the success of an apartment development and something a number of apartment developers do well. Although it’s a harmonious balance, as spaces such as swimming pools, gyms, dining and boardrooms do significantly increase strata levy costs to the end user.

This is certainly something to take into consideration when deciding on an apartment project.

Investwise currently have  a number of boutique style developments which focus on that “Harmonious Balance” by providing great amenity with little or no impact on the overall cost of the strata levies.

The feedback from our clients is they prefer boutique style developments over larger tower projects primarily because of the strata levy costs, resale and leasing advantages.

Based on that feedback our projects are generally in the 40-60 apartment range and feature break out spaces such as roof top terraces, internal landscaped courtyards or community gardens as is the case with or Vue project in Maylands

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