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Our Process

Most Australians have a dream of creating long-term wealth and retiring early but don’t take the steps to understand investing and put their plans into action.

Together with your Portfolio Manager, Investwise will determine the best course of action to meet your financial objectives, based on your current financial situation and within your specified risk exposure levels.

The Investwise process is simple, straightforward and transparent and is designed for beginner to intermediate investors. If you feel you don’t fit this category, then contact us now and we can skip directly to Step 4!

In its entirety, our process is designed for beginner to intermediate investors. If you feel you don’t fit this category, then contact us now and we can skip directly to Step 4!

icon-1-analysis Step 1. Analysis.

Forget about property for now… Your journey with Investwise starts with our consultative approach to discuss your history and to identify your desired outcomes and motivations. This will ensure your eventual chosen path aligns perfectly with your goals.

icon-1-analysisStep 2. Apprenticeship.

If qualified, you will be invited to attend your own Investwise Workshop, a free 90-minute one-on-one consultation tailored to suit your current levels of knowledge, in both finance and property investment. This session will cover everything from basic terminology; how to avoid common investor pitfalls and beginner mistakes; right through to how to conduct a thorough due diligence process prior to a potential investment decision.

icon-1-analysisStep 3. Assessment.

We will undertake a thorough and responsible assessment of your financial history and your current situation and capabilities, in order to help us choose the correct path for you. Here we identify your current capacity to invest and, most importantly, show you best and worst-case scenarios. This ensures you are prepared to hold your investments through what can be constantly changing market conditions. Being prepared for plateaus and downturns will ensure you are still in the market for the upturns!

icon-1-analysisStep 4. Acquisition.

Once we have completed steps 1 to 3 together, it is now time to put your hard work into action right away. As they say, a good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow!

A detailed Acquisition Session coordinated by your new Portfolio Manager will afford you access to various finance and investment professionals. This provides you with all the information you need to ensure you can now make decisions for your future with absolute confidence. In this session you will be presented with the specific opportunities that our research team have selected for you, based on our thorough knowledge of the property market and most importantly, of you.

icon-1-analysisStep 5. Access.

Your experienced Portfolio Manager and their support team are available to you at all times. They are on-hand to ensure all of your service needs are met and you are comfortable with the progress we are making in relation to the goals we initially set together. Full reviews of your finances and portfolio will be conducted free of charge, either annually or at your request.

icon-1-analysisStep 6. Advocate.

Time to pay it forward…
Now that you are on the path to success, further your bond with your Investwise team by becoming one of our Investwise Advocates. Share your story with others to help your friends, family and colleagues achieve the same success and freedom you are soon to enjoy. Be featured on our website; meet with fellow investors at our regular events to learn from one another; and perhaps, if you really catch the bug, look to join our team!

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